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Just Add Water, Hawaii's


Activities Program at

University of Hawaii Waimanalo Research Station

A Hands-on After School Program Teaching

Native Hawaiian Values and the Ahupua`a


Fact sheet

What you'll learn

What you'll experience

Ground rules

Mala Laulima Handbook

"Waimanalo's Garden of Good Eating"


All ages welcome at $5/person/visit

Inquire about our field trips, summer program and school garden curriculum, by planting at your own school!

For more information and to schedule a visit,

contact Kimberly Clark at 259-5635




Mala Laulima, "The Garden of Cooperation, was established as an activities garden for kids of all ages.  We currently care for a variety of food and Native Hawaiian plants with 1.5 acres to grow into.



  • the life in the soil

  • planting healthy food and Native Hawaiian plants

  • caring for a healthy garden

  • good nutrition for plants and us

  • bugs, bugs, bugs!

  • yoga, music, storytelling and fun!


  • The Living Earth: soil fertility, remineralization and the life in the soil are related to a healthy planet, food and people through building a garden bed.

  • Native Hawaiian plants and food crops are planted and mature plants picked to taste.

  • Caring for plant health is caring for your own health through maintaining the garden, pulling weeds, fertilizing and pruning plants.



While in the garden, we ask that you:

  • wear closed shoes

  • wear sunblock

  • do not run

  • do not step on the plants

  • listen to the plants, they have a lot to tell you

  • and so do we, so be ready to get dirty

Remember that cooperation is the key to health and happiness!


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