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Just Add Water, a Community Supported Agriculture program in Hawaii, is a subscription farming program where farmers sell their produce directly to you.  Subscribers receive fresh organic produce, at prices below retail. 

The same high-quality organic produce from O`ahu and the Big Island that is supplied to resorts and fine restaurants is available directly to you through a Just Add Water subscription.  The produce in the "Makahiki boxes" varies each week depending on what's currently growing at the farms. 

You can sign up to pick up boxes at delivery locations, weekly or every other week, you can arrange for a customized order, or you can pick and choose items from an extensive Price List.


Click on Produce Box Options to see the different Makahiki box choices available.


Click on Delivery Locations to see where you can pick up your Makahiki boxes on O`ahu.


Click on Produce List to see individual and bulk items you can order and their prices.


Click on Application Form to start receiving your fresh organic produce directly from the farm.


Click on Mala Laulima for information about the children's activities garden.


For more information, contact Kimberly Clark at 259-5635

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