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Just Add Water provides organic produce from our gardens and community supported farms in Hawai`i. We distribute weekly boxes of organic produce to you, and to health food stores and restaurants on O`ahu. We also sell organic vegetables, fruits, and other organic products (e.g., coffee) by the pound.

Our children's garden program, Mala Laulima, allows children to learn about our way of love and sustainability, and to experience the gifts of nature.

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You can find us at these Locations:

Kailua Farmers' Market, Kalapawai Market, KCC Saturday Farmers' Market, Native Books/Na Mea Hawai`i, Native Winds, and Revolution Books



Welcome to the garden!



Mala Laulima is a hands-on after school program teaching children about Native Hawaiian values
and the ahupua`a.

Inquire about our field trips, summer program and school garden curriculum, by planting at your own school.



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Find out more about sustainably grown food at the Local Harvest website.

For more information, contact Kimberly Clark at 259-5635


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